Connecticut Council
of Trout Unlimited
To protect, reconnect, restore and sustain
Connecticut's rivers and streams.

Even if we protected all the remaining public lands in Connecticut in perpetuity, it still wouldn’t be enough to ensure a future for native and wild trout.

The only way to give fish a chance over time is to reclaim some of the land that has been degraded through development and incompatible use.

In this effort, Trout Unlimited Connecticut possesses an extraordinary resource: the commitment of thousands of local volunteers, willing to roll up their sleeves and work to improve the rivers and streams in their own backyards.

Our volunteers, who join together in stabilizing river banks, building instream habitat to provide shelter for trout and planting native vegetation along rivers to prevent erosion and create shade over rivers, are helping reclaim and rejuvenate rivers throughout Connecticut.

Thanks to their effort and enthusiasm, hundreds of miles of river have been restored.